Baguio Flower Festival (Panagbenga) 2009

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Baguio Flower Festival (Panagbenga) 2009 launched


The Baguio Flower Festival ‘Panagbenga’ 2009 shall be a “big event, and to be done on a grand scale,” as to participation, activities and audience, as promised by Baguio Country Club’s Anthony de Leon during the simple launching ceremonies of the Baguio Flower Festival last Monday, Oct. 13.

De Leon is the Baguio Flower Festival Foundation, Inc. (BFFFI) Executive Chairman, tasked to manage the affairs of Panagbenga 2009.

With him were Congressman Mauricio Domogan and Mayor Reinaldo Bautista, Jr., who both promised “substantial support” for the activities.

The mayor emphasized that the event is “community-led and government-supported.” Members of the Baguio Centennial Committee (BCC) were also present to affirm their full support to the flower festival centenary version. Frequent coordination meetings were scheduled between the two bodies for activities to complement each other, BCC chairperson Virgilio Bautista said.

With the theme, “Our Festival…Yours Too!” the 14th version of Panagbenga shall have its grand opening on February 1, the Market Encounter from Feb. 1 to March 8, the Fluvial Parade on Valentines day, “Let a Thousand Flowers Bloom,” on Feb. 22, Abanao Nights from Feb. 26-28 and the most awaited Grand Street Parade along Session road on Feb. 28. The float parade will be on March 1, at the same venue.

Right after the street and float parades, Session road shall be cleared for the “Session Road in Bloom,” from March 2-March 8 where floral-themed accessories are sold and flower-inspired activities done within the area. Promenaders and café-goers shall also be allowed in the area.

On March 7, Baguio Pony Boys and fun riders shall have their day of exhibition rides, games and activities on horseback. Known as “Gymkhana,” the event is reminiscent of oldenBaguio days when horse afficionados would come together and prove their mettle on horse games. Horses then were the primary mode of transportation to and from the agricultural and mining areas.

Closing ceremonies shall be on March 8, de Leon said.

The extra week Innovations to the activities abound, de Leon added, including string quartet and ballet performances during the fluvial parade, usually done at the Burnham Park Lake. Additional activities are being awaited.

Activities are bigger due to the flower festival’s joint celebration with the centenary, de Leon clarified.

As to sponsored events, de Leon said that there shall be no sponsor dominance, nor commercialization for the festival.

Congressman Domogan also emphasized that the flower festival is meant to be a thanksgiving event, for the promotion of unity and to sustain the tourism industry in the city.

The congressman downplayed expectations of a house bill approval, a move to regulate festivals in the country due to the presently-felt economic crisis.

Schedule of Events (Taken from

Field Demonstration - Melvin Jones Athletic Bowl

February 1 – March 8 ENCOUNTER LANDSCAPING CONTEST - Burnham Park
February 14 FLUVIAL PARADE - Burnham Lake
February 22 Let A Thousand Flowers Bloom*** Melvin Jones
February 23 – 25 Legarda Rocks*** Legarda Road
February 26-28 Abanao Nights- Abanao Street
February 28 GRAND STREET PARADE Field Demonstration - Session Road Athletic Bowl
March 1 GRAND FLOAT PARADE - Athletic Bowl
March 2 – 8 SESSION ROAD IN BLOOM Session Road
March 8 CLOSING CEREMONY Athletic Bowl

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