Giving in to the Cyleina Craze..

After a giving it a lot of thought, I finally decided to join the bandwagon and be a part of the Cyleina Soap circle of users (LOL). Actually, I have wanted to try their soaps for the longest time, but it was only last Monday that I finally realized that I won't satisfy my curiosity until I give it a shot. So I ordered them thru Ebay and got them today. And boy, I am so happy with my purchase.

Here's my Cyleina loot. I got 6 soaps, 3 for me and the other 3 for my friend. I got the black pearl, tomato, and strawberry soaps, while she opted for black pearl, lavender, and kojic soaps.

Here are some things that I have noticed about the soaps:

  • The packaging is not good, but it's not that bad either. I guess the manufacturer (or proprietor) is trying to save up on costs to make the soaps more affordable.
  • For P60 a piece, the soaps are big, except for the black pearl, which is at 45g, I think. Really budget friendly.
  • The scents of the soaps aren't that strong. For me that's an advantage because I am not really a fan of fancy-scented soaps, except if they're made for aromatherapy purposes.

And here are my thoughts on the soaps on an individual basis:

Tomato Soap. It's a red orange soap. I used it on my face. GT gals says that it's good for drying up zits and tightening pores. When I tried it, I noticed a slight stinging sensation, but it's tolerable. I have an emerging zit, and after using it and sleeping for 8 hours, the zit has almost dried up. As for the tightening factor, that I have to wait if that would really happen.

Strawberry Soap. It's a pink soap with strawberry poppy seeds sprinkled on it. It is supposed to exfoliate the skin (which it did), and whiten it at the same time. Well, of course, at this time I can't tell yet if there's a whitening effect. I guess I'll also have to wait on that.

Black Pearl Soap. It's a round, black soap infused with collagen, arbutin, licorice, and vitamin E. I love the fact that it leaves a minty feeling after I used it, makes me drift off to sleep faster and makes me feel good all over. I love this soap. I just hope that I bought more because it is so tiny compared to the rest of the soaps that I bought.

So there you have it. Overall, I am pleased with my haul and will definitely repurchase once my stock runs out. And lastly, this product is 100% Genuine Pinoy Product, made by a Pinay named Leigh Hortaleza (yippee!). Cyleina soaps are available thru resellers on and at selected Hortaleza Beauty Stores across Metro Manila. For the list of their authorized resellers, you may visit their Multiply site.

Happy Bathing! ^_^

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Love from around the globe: Neno's Award

Special thanks to Grace of for nominating me. ^_^

Terms & Conditions For the Award Recipient:
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I am sharing this award to the other 5 ladies following this blog.

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Sorry, I havent been able to post entries for the past couple of weeks... I've had breakouts, and I really don't understand on how I got them *sigh*.

BTW, Happy Mother's day to all lovely mothers out there... you guys rock. ^_^

I went to SM Megamall yesterday to watch StarTrek with some of my friends, and I just donned an all natural look. (Please excuse the gigantic zit on my nose.. It looks yucky, I know.)

I'll be posting a review on Himalaya Herbal Products. I have mixed feelings on their products, simply because I think they're the culprit of my breakouts. Once I get hold of the pics, I'll be putting in writing on what I think about them.

Till next!


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