This and Last Weeks' Purchases

Hi! I havent been able to post anything lately since Im too swamped with work. I had been assigned to work on some priority one issues and those little issues take a whole lot of my time. Anyway, now that I'm back, just wanna share you images of my recent purchases. Well, it hasnt been that many for the past two weeks, but over the weekend I'll be posting more pics since most of my items are gonna arrive either Friday or Saturday.

I got a manicure and had Caronia's A Touch of Tan all over my nails. Since Im all out for the neutral look, if I can do it on my face, might as well do the same thing on my nails. =)

My bestfriend got me 4 Nichido Girls' Night Out Eye Pencils, and those are Bronze Glow, 24K, Smoke Green, and Cool Blue. Stupid lil ol me forgot to do some darn swatches again. But these are really pretty. Long lasting, and great for smudging too. Howell, I'll just update you guys once I have them posted.

And the best part? Here is the PINK cutlery holder that I got from a plastics retail store at EDSA Central. This concept was courtesy of Sis Aika, and I do wanna thank her for that. =) This way of storing my brushes will protect my them from being dust magnets. Anything that you put or use on your face MUST be spotless clean, otherwise you'll be saying hello to what we call ACNE. (Sorry bout my brushes, they're kinda dirty, I havent washed them yet when I took this picture.)

So there you go, I hope you were able to grab something from here. Till next post! ^_^

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2 fab comments:

- - aika - - said...

wow thats pretty :D katerno pa nung brushes hehehe

September said...

^ thanks sis... sayo ko nakuha yung idea na yan ^_^