Goodbye, my little Princess.. =(

The word Goodbye... Why is it so hard to say it out loud?

If you're one of those who read my recent posts on GT, then you'll have an idea on who I'm referring to at this point.

I'm referring to my baby, my Coastal Scents Pink Kabuki brush. I lost her during our Christmas party at A.Venue on Makati Avenue last December 13, 2008. I guess it fell out of my glittery, metallic pink pouch. I brought her with me because it matches the color of my pouch. I only realized that she was missing when I washed my brushes on Sunday morning. So tragic and sad...

I will definitely get a replacement for her, but not now.

Goodbye baby. I hope you're doin' okay wherever you're at right now. Mommy will always love you. sniff.

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4 fab comments:

*Nehs* said...

hi! thank's for the comment! sayang naman itong kabuki na to. :( san k nagpapa-rebond? ;)

September said...

you're welcome ;)

kaya nga eh.. haay, di bale, ill just get a new one..

I had mine done by a friend in 2007 pa.. but i planning to have one by end of january or early feb ;)

Crystal Gale said...

hi! Sept, I know the feeling..that's how I felt when I lost my Bloom Blush brush before..hope you'll feel better soon :)

cincincin said...

hi. this looks uber cute sayang naman.. where did you get this?