Yeah, it's been awhile..

Yeah, I know. Im guilty and Im really sorry for not being able to put up something for the past couple of weeks or so. Aside from the tons of workload that I have to deal with, I lost Internet connection at home which made me computer illiterate during those days,lol (blame PLDT for cutting down wires by mistake near our place approximately 3 days before Christmas...grrr). Anyway, I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays with their loved ones and dear friends. I did make the most out of it with my family and some of my friends and officemates. I did shop around for some stuff during the holidays and got some gifts as well. I'll post the pics once I get hold of my flash disk (which I let my officemate borrow so he could give me copies of pics during our teambuilding cum team drinking, hehehe. I'll be posting pics of my recent purchases soon, but for now...

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