Lemming for: ELF Beauty Encyclopedias

Hello there! I am down to my last two weeks of vacation,which means less time for my son and blogging. Ugh. Anyway, being at home most of the time allows me to surf the net more, and visit one of my fave sites,, and upon doing so, I stumbled upon these babies:

ELF Beauty Encyclopedias

Basic Eye Edition
(Image courtesy of Blogspot)

Sparkle Eye Edition
(Image courtesy of Blogspot)

Pretty babies, right? Numerous reviews are available on Google and Youtube, and according to some MU gurus, these shadows could pass as dupes for Urban Decay Ammo Shadow Box shadows, and the Alice in Wonderland palette shadows. I came across a blog entry that enumerated the dupes in these palettes. To read more and to see the swatches, click HERE

What do you think? Could they possibly be alternatives for UD's most sought after palettes?

Lotsa Love,

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