Happy Mail Day... on a Sunday!

Sundays are normally a drag for me, because aside from the fact that there's nothing much going on nowadays, I also have to do my laundry on that day as well. Since I was so darn tired from my shift last night, I decided to just call the laundry pick up service in our area to do the washing for me. So I went all through my stuff and counted them before handing it over to the laundry woman. I lied down on my bed and started my sleeping melody when suddenly, someone knocked on my door. It was my maid, handing me over an envelope. I thought it was weird. Mail on a Sunday? My then sleepy looking eyes suddenly turned wide when I saw that it was from Coastal Scents. yey! It came in earlier than the date when I was expecting it to arrive. And best of all, I didnt have to go to the PO to claim it! Weeee! Such a happy day for me.

The package looked like this when it came in..

My invoice... Check on my comment, and how they responded to it.

My babies are here!

As always, they send you a freebie with every order.. this time, it's in a sample baggie, not in a container.. Effect of economic recession?!

My long awaited Pink Kabuki replacement.. I missed you dahlin.

Pink Oval Fluff Shadow Brush.. I ordered 2, but they sent out 3 because they sent me the wrong brush when I ordered from them during the Thanksgiving Sale.

Eyelash Comb.. used to get rid of mascara clumps and to separate your lashes.

2 disposable Kabuki brushes.. they're $0.79 a piece.

I love the bag that it came with... PINK!

Thanks to Kathy of CS for making us beautiful thru her brushes! You made my day extra special! ^_^

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