My haul from Ebay and Mhean...

Being sick is NOT cool in any way, so if you wanna stay healthy and live longer, DO NOT eat isaw from an unknown source... it may potentially kill you, seriously.

Anyway, these are my latest purchases from Ebay and Sis Mhean's makeup loot sale.

Pure Anada Foundation Samples and DW Butter Creme Topping Finishing Powder

Halter Tops in Hot Pink and Deep Red

White Halter top and Red 2 Way Blouse

Shimmery Gold Halter Top

Pink Short Sleeved Blouse, Polka Dotted Black Halter Blouse, Black Tube Blouse with Glittery Design, and Chicken Soup for the Mother's Soul (Hardbound Edition)

Kojic soap cut into small pieces

Total Damage: About Php 1,500 only, including shipping

Till next post! ^_^

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2 fab comments:

Vanity's Child said...

sis, where did you buy those slices of kojic soap? send me the link please..

September said...

^ sis, I saw this initially at And when I texted the seller, it turned out that his GF works for the same company that I work for. sweet noh? ^_^