Review: KB Collagen Food Supplement Tablets

Happy Sunday! As promised, I'll be doing a review on the products that I have received from Yumei Mise,the official distributor of Kyusoku Bihaku (also known as KB) products here in the Philippines. A little over a month ago,I received a package from them containing several sachets of Rotenyu Meguri (sadly I wasnt able to test this out because I dont have a bath tub,directions stated to dissolve this into 200 liters of water,and I dont have a pail that can house that amount of water, sniff), and a bottle of their newest product which is the KB Collagen Food Supplement. I have used the product for 30 days,and here is what I think about it.

Collagen,as most of us know, is widely marketed and used in the food and cosmetic industry due to its age delaying effects. Please not that I have not used the term "anti aging",and this is because aging is a process that everyone goes thru! But nevertheless,this magic component has been proven to address signs of aging such as dry,matured skin,brittle nails,lifeless hair,etc.,and has been the main ingredient of several age defying creams,lotions,and food supplements. Yumei Mise has been known as a big name in the skin whitening industry,and it's very exciting to know that they have created a product that us women (and men alike) can use to help us delay the dreadful effects of aging.

The product is housed in a plastic,yet sturdy bottle. The box states that each tablet has 200mg of fish peptide collagen,and some other ingredients such as Vit C,coQ10, and pearl powder.Each bottle has 30 tablets,and instructions state that this can be taken 2-3 times a day. In my case,I used this once a day with my multivitamins and 1000mg of vitamin C with rosehips (studies show that collagen,when taken with vitamin C,becomes more potent,thus enhancing its age delaying properties). The product does not have any distinct scent, and while taking this I have not experienced any allergies or breakouts,which is a very good thing.

I have oily combination skin on my face and dry skin on my arms and legs, and when I started taking this product,I have noticed that my skin produced a little bit more oil than the usual,but it also gave me this certain glow on my face. The skin on my face became I wouldnt call it as ethereal,but something was really different, that even hubby noticed it! The skin on my face became softer too. Nothing drastic on my arms and legs,they're still a bit dry,but I think with continuous use,this product would work its magic on them.

At 750 pesos,some may see this price as a little bit steep,but with the effects that you'll be getting,I think that it's totally worth it.

Would I recommend it? Absolutely! This is a product worth trying,especially to those who are in their late 20s like me. Just make sure that you still dont skip on the essentials to make this more effective,like putting on sunblock,eating a balanced diet,and doing exercises regularly,getting enough sleep,etc.

KB Collagen Food S upplement is available in Mercury Drug and Watsons branches.

Need to get in touch with Yumei Mise? You may contact them thru the following details:

Mobile: 09178005836
Facebook fan page:

**This is a sponsored review. All opinions are my own, and has not been influenced in any way.**

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Danish Smith said...

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