Review: Avon Totally Kissable Lipsticks

Hello to everyone! Finally,it's weekend once again. Dont we just love weekends? It's the time of the week when we get to relax,unwind,spend time with our families,and the time when we get to do crazy things! ;) I know,in the 2???++ years of my existence I've done a lot of good,not so good,and insane things,but as long as we learn something from each experience,no one's stopping us,right? ;)

Anyway,on to the review. I got these lipsticks a month ago,and since I got myself 5 out of 10 shades of these babies,I needed ample time to test all of them. Whenever Avon goes on a cosmetics sale, their lipsticks go on a major price drop,and being the lipstick junkee that I am,I go gaga! I have full lips, and using a lipstick that gives great color payoff is the best way to go.

In buying a lipstick,there are 3 things that I always consider: Color Payoff, Moisturizing effect, and the Price Tag. I can let go of the price tag and color payoff at times,but not the moisture part. Who wants dry lips anyway? And this is what I love about these lipsticks: Wonderful color payoff, non drying, moisturizing and budget friendly (when bought during Avon sales).

Avon says:

Full-coverage conditioning color infused with fruit enzymes and a blend of natural oils for lips that are visibly fuller, softer and smoother. 

Packaging. The packaging is very sleek,IMHO. For me,this is the best lipstick bullet packaging that Avon came up with. The only downside is that it's a finger print magnet. But it doesnt bother me that much.

Color payoff. Now,Im not the best in describing colors, but the pics should give you an idea on how they look like when applied. All colors that I picked out are opaque in 2 coats.

Racy Red: Deep sexy red.

Make Out Red : Pink red

Lacey Mauve: pinky mauve color. The perfect MLBB shade for me

Berry Smooch: Purple berry shade

Pink Wink (no face pic): Demure pink

Staying power. These lipsticks are NOT transfer or kiss proof. Without eating and drinking they last up to 5 hours, so if you eat or drink or kiss or all of the above (LOL!), reapplication is necessary.

Moisturizing factor. VERY moisturizing. This is probably why the staying power is on the so-so side. I grabbed a picture from Google which has the ingredients listed on there. Notice that the lipstick is super packed with oils and fruit extracts? These keep your lips from drying out! :)

Price. Regular SRP is P399 per tube, but I got these on sale for P999 for all 5 tubes.

Do I recommend them? Absolutely,but I highly suggest that you get them when they're on sale.

Where to buy? From Avon kiosks and dealers nationwide

So there we go. I hope this has been a very helpful post. What is your favorite color among the Totally Kissable line? Let me know by placing your comments on this post. :)

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7 fab comments:

Holly Mackenzie Cupp said...

I could see myself wearing Berry Smooch! Hi, I'm new here =) I found your blog while hopping the next blog button on blogger.


Erica said...

hmm i like the make out red :)

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Kirstee Cobain said...

I love Avon Lipsticks, they are super creamy and long wearing. Great post!


calin gabriel said...

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Exploding Mary said...

I like the color and price. You can also order from, depending on where you are, and shipping is usually free with a 30USD order.

Nice review, thanks for the details.



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