Review: Wet n Wild Ultimate Eyebrow Kit (picture heavy)

Ive come to realize that one thing that I cant live without is eyebrow makeup. I always had bushy eyebrows,so I make sure that I always have them groomed once in a while,but nevertheless,Id still rely on eyebrow kits to "lock" them in place.

I have tried brands like In2it and ELF,and while Im quite satisfied on how they performed,I still cant steer away from trying out new brands. Then I came across Wet N Wild. And Im glad that I did. Is it HG material? Read on.

Note: Pictures were taken using my Note 2's Camera 360 app.

Wet N Wild's Ultimate Eyebrow Kit has received exceptional ratings from MakeUp Alley's members and makeup gurus. The eyebrow kit comes with 2 pans of eyebrow powder, 1 pan of setting wax, 1 pair of tweezers (which is kinda useless), 1 mini slanted brush,and a pull out mirror (which was neglected,LOL).

I got this from Watsons for Php 399,but you may also grab these from and Natasha dealers. I got mine in the shade of Ash Brown. (and I already hit pan,yey!)

As you can see,the eyebrow powders are VERY pigmented. The swatches shown are very light swatches,so a light hand is necessary while using these. The setting wax comes after the application of the powder, and this is because the wax helps in sealing the product,and it makes the application look very precise and neat. The best part is that when used with the setting wax,it becomes waterproof. Another yey for that! One thing to note though is that this cannot withstand very humid weather conditions,so you may experience some fading in the long run.

Is this HG material? Probably,but what I kinda hate about it is that the tweezers are pretty useless since it's so tiny,and the fact that Watsons jacked up the price on this. But I love this product, and will definitely repurchase (but not from Watsons,LOL).

How about you? What's your top eyebrow product? Let me hear your input! :)

**This is not a sponsored review.**

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DiaryOfAMakeUpAddict said...

I understand you don't want other people stealing your photos, but I find the placing of your watermark to hinder the pictures. I can't get a good look at the product, because your watermark is to prominent.
Not trying to be rude, just trying to help out. Maybe you can fade it in a little more?

Xoxo Nathalie