Thrifty Moments: Depotting my Etude House Proof 10 Eyeshadow Primer

We all love buying new stuff for ourselves. Whether it's a new gadget,new clothes,shoes and cosmetics, it's what makes us girls happy and giddy. However,it is also good if we can have all of those items mentioned,while saving a few bucks on the side. This is where the thrifty side of me comes in.

I have read articles on the blogosphere on how some gurus depotted their UD primer potion when it was still housed in its cute but non-practical,genie-type bottle. I have not owned UDPP in the past,however,if in case you've heard of Etude House's Proof 10 eyeshadow primer, this baby is also housed in a very similar container -- plastic bottle,narrow neck, wide body, and a straight,non flexible doe foot applicator. I have posted a picture for your reference.

In a nutshell, it's as troublesome as UDPP's old packaging. However,there's no need to fret, because if they depot UDPP, we can definitely do the same for this fellow. All you need are the following:

- Your Etude House e/s primer

- Razor sharp office cutter

- a container (preferably one made out of frosted glass; otherwise, an airtight cream jar or pot made out of plastic would do)

How to do it:

- Make a small puncture on the bottle using your cutter. This is your starting point.

- Cut through the bottle thru the puncture that you just made using the same cutter. BE VERY VERY CAREFUL WHEN DOING THIS. You dont want your fingers getting cut off in the process. Continue until you've reached halfway of the bottle. Then, pull both sides apart.

- From this you'll see how much product's left. Scoop out as much as you could using your doe foot applicator.

- Transfer the contents into your jar. Seal and store.

And there you have it. You've just entended the life of your eyeshadow primer. Just make sure that you use clean fingers when using the product directly from the pot to prevent contamination. Also, keep the container tightly closed at all times to prevent your precious primer from drying out.

Hope this helps! Thanks for reading! ♥♥♥

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