Spending V-day at the PIHABF at Clark, Pampanga

We only got a glimpse of the hot air balloons because we arrived late, thanks to traffic. Argh. But then, it was still a very very nice day for all 3 of us who went there.

We had lunch and decided to try out Aling Lucing's Famous Pork Sisig. This was paired with some slices of liempo. Yum.. And the evidence of our pig-out is right before your eyes.

We saw children playing inside balls that are floating over a giant pool.. I wanted to try this, but Im not sure if I'll be able to fit inside the darn balloon. Hehehe

And one thing that I wont forget about this day is the fact that this is the first time that I received a rose on V-day. And I know what you're thinking at this point. It is NOT from my special someone, it's from a very good friend. ;-)

Hope you guys fared well on V-day! Stay Happy! ^_^

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4 fab comments:

*Nehs* said...
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September said...

Thanks for the info Sis Nehs.. Im gonna shop around na tomorrow for the eyeshadow colors that I need for Saturday. =)

*Nehs* said...

hi sis! I bought those here in cvte. chinese store ata un e. feeling ko mdami din nun s divi. ;D mganda nman sya e, but ofcourse I got what I pay. hehehe... but I can deal with those.

*Nehs* said...

thank u 2 sept! :)