Strip It goes beyond waxing...

Strip It Cold Wax has been my HG when it comes to epilation. After finding out the horrendous effects of shaving, I decided to convert into waxing. At first, I was very hesitant about it since I have heard comments on it being a pain magnet, but when I tried it myself, it wasnt that bad, and plus you get the benefits of waxing at a very cheaper price.. Yes, I admit that Im vain, but Im a real cheapo at the the same time. Hehehe

So when I ran out of cold wax, I immediately got into the web to order. But lo and behold, I noticed that there some items added on to Strip It's website. Arlette added on a body scrub product called Scrub It, and she also had some hand sanitizers on sale which smelled like VS' Pear Glaze. So without blinking an eye, I decided to order the big tub of wax, an additional pack of waxing strips, a big jar of Scrub It in Citrus scent, and the hand sanitizer (which is a steal at Php 100.00 for 3 bottles.)

I got the body scrub at a lower price since I purchased a lot of items. Arlette gave me a discount and being the cheapo that I am, I took advantage of it. Hehehe. IMO, the body scrub was great; The scrub had an ample amount of apricot kernels in it so that it exfoliates well and keep skin baby soft and smooth. The scent wasnt that overpowering, and of course, it didnt come with a hefty price tag. My only grip was the packaging, the jar that it came with didnt have a label to it. Overall, Id give it 4.7 out of 5 stars. =)

As for the hand sanitizer, Id give it a perfect 5. It did a good job on sanitizing without a drying nor sticky effect. It came in a pump bottle which made dispensing easier, and again, 3 bottles for P100.00 is a very, very good deal. So take this opportunity while it's hot. ;-)

Next on my list would be Vanilla and Co. and Skin Hour Organics. Please do watch out my reviews on those. ^_^

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