An Overdue Post...

Hey guys. Im so sorry for not being able to put anything into my blog for the past 2 or 3 weeks. I have been really busy with work and planning a party along with my MTC friends. The party is set on the 14th, and for that event I wanna do a gold-bronzey look since the theme of the party is white. I just thought that gold and bronze really goes well with white. Im going to the mall tomorrow so that I could shop on some eyeshadows and experiment with looks throughout the week so that when the big day comes I know what look to go for.

I just came in from Baguio last week for the Panagbenga 2009 festival. For pictures, you may check out my Multiply site.

Lotsa love,

Seppie =)

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5 fab comments:

Ron Centeno said...

Hi Sep,

Good Luck on your party!

Vanity's Child said...

Hi sis! I missed you!
I have something for you in my blog.... a TAG! please come and claim it. =)

September said...

Ron: thanks =)
Sis Czel: awkie =)

- - aika - - said...

wb landi :D

September said...

Thanks Sis Aika :D