Stuff for the hair and nails, plus trinkets :D

Hi! Sorry I've been out of circulation again, I got sick for not being able to sleep well during the day because of the weather. It's been excruciatingly hot during the day,and chilly at night. I guess Christmas is really near, which spells traffic because of the non stop midnight sales here and there, and never ending Christmas parties. But don't get me wrong, I love Christmas, because it's the time that I get to spend some time with family members. So there. :)

Today I went out to see my doctor. While waiting for him to arrive, I went out of the clinic to check out the stores nearby to see if there are things that would pique my interest. And yes, I got some stuff. ^_^

Since I've been really sick, a big part of my daily expenses are my meds. Huhuhu.

I dropped by Hortaleza and got myself this Treatment Wax for my long hair(P120), Caronia fast dry top coat(P55, and Caron)ia Kwik Dry and cuticle conditioner(P33).

After Hortaleza, I entered a small shop that sells China-made stuff. I got a pair of short-to-long falsies for only P30, and a very chic bangle for only P160. :D

Close up of the bangle, with flash... check out those multi colored stones, they're super nice in person :D

Without flash... I think it looks expensive, do you agree?

That's it for now. I hope this infection goes away. It's making me miss my work AND blogging. Waaaah!

Seppie :)

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