More Human Heart Nature Products

I have been addicted to Human Heart Nature products from the time that I got introduced to the brand 2 years ago until now. I just find their products reasonably priced and effective at the same time. Whenever they would release something new, I always find myself checking out the new products out and buying them just for curiosity's sake.

Sometime last week I purchased a couple of their products. These aren't exactly newly introduced items though. These are products that I have tested and have worked for me, thus the repurchase factor.

Their packaging has greatly improved over the years. Just look their box. Very earthy and elegant looking. Before, the items would get shipped out without a box.

Everything was wrapped in newspaper, and spouts were carefully sealed. I got the following items: Sunflower Cleansing Oil and Anti bacterial Hand and Potty Spray.

The sunflower oil was made from premium cosmetic grade sunflower oil. It also comes with a mild scent, but to those who despises scented facial products, they also have the Sunflower Beauty Oil priced at Php 119.75. The sunflower oil does a good job at removing make up, even waterproof mascara, although it does not emulsify, unlike the cleansing oil from Shu Uemura. And it's really a good deal for Php 350.00. As with the spray sanitizer, it smells fresh, somewhat similar to lemongrass. I'm addicted to its scent and prefers this over the bubble gum scented one. It also does not a sticky feeling afterwards, unlike other hand sanitizers.

That's all for now. I have to do some serious packing for my HK and Macau trip. ^_^

Seppie ;)

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5 fab comments:

Marie said...

Thanks for sharing, the sanitizing spray looks interesting.:D

***** Marie *****
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Beauty Style Addict said...

I've never heard of this brand but it looks interesting :)

Makeup Majesty said...

these look cool, thanks for sharing! love your blog, following you now! =)

carolineouellette said...

Really great post. I think people should go through it. Thank you for sharing.

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ellareiss said...
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