Food Post: BonChon Double Fried Chicken

It's food porn time! While shopping for a new dress for our friend's wedding, we dropped by BonChon chicken and had our lunch there. BonChon is from Korea, and their specialty is of course, fried chicken. They double fry their chicken,thus the skin is super crispy, and their recipes for their sauce match the chicken so much that it's literally yum until the last bite.

So without further ado, let me show you what we have ordered.

French Fries. A bit soggy for something that has been served right away, but still yummy.

Kimchi Coleslaw. This is a perfect with the chicken, tasty and a lil spicy at the same time.

Soy Flavored Chicken. My favorite. Yummy and tasty. 5 stars. Nuff said. Haha!

Hot Wings. Warning, this is not for those whose not fond of chili food, because this one is really spicy.

BonChon has a lot of branches now, but for those based in Makati, there's one in Ayala Triangle and for those who would want to go to Ortigas, SM Megamall and Robinson's Galleria branches are more than happy to satisfy your chicken cravings.

Bon Appetit!
Seppie ;)

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3 fab comments:

Sumi Go said...

I haven't tried eating at BonChon yet. But I've read tons and tons of good reviews already! :) Thanks for sharing this. I'll make sure to try their Soy Flavored Chicken within the week! :)

September said...

Sumi Go, you really should. :D

Beauty Style Addict said...

yum yum looks delicious... The soy chicken and hot wings *drools*