First Impression: Sigma Make Me Blush brush kit

Finally, after almost 1 month, I got my Sigma Make Me Blush brush kit courtesy of KissNMakeup. Thanks sis!

Pictures ahead.. Sorry for my bedsheet, I was in the process of changing it when my package arrived, so I had to set the task aside so that I can get a hold of my new babies. LOL!

It arrived with a slightly squished box.. Seriously Xend, did you not see the FRAGILE sticker on the package? *sigh*

Product Description

The set has 12 brushes, of which 5 are face brushes and the rest are eye brushes.

The box with the cleaning guide and the brush guide (I forgot to take a pic of the brush guide, but I'm sure you've seen that a lot of times.. will post one once I do a review on the entire set)

The brushes with the brush holder.. The coral handles with the pinky ferrule is a big ♥. Haha.

I will definitely use these so that I can make a review soon. If only I can find my brush shampoo. :D

Stay Beautiful Ladies!

Seppie ♂

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6 fab comments:

~tHiAmErE~ said...

lovely brushes!
the packaging is to die for!

Sumi Go said...

Those brushes are so pretty! I've been wanting some Sigma brushes. Though I think I have to wait until after Christmas before getting a set for myself. Looking forward to your Sigma brushes review! ;)

Ida said...

Ang cute naman! The brushes and the holder look so nice.

September said...

Thiamere: Yeah, it is. ;)

Sumi: They are so purrty, I just washed them yesterday, Im looking forward to use them. Go get yours. :)

Ida: I totally agree with you. ;)

Francine G. said...

I love myself some sigma brushes xx

carolineouellette said...

Really good Brush Kit. I think you done great work. Thank you for sharing.

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