Playing with Falsies

False lashes play a great part in enhancing our peepers. But putting them on is an art, and it takes a lot of practice. Today I played with the false lashes that I bought from Say Artillero. I must say that they're of good quality, although they're not the best that I've tried. I still like the Natural Lash Kit from ELF, because they're easier to maneuver than these. But the price tag of Php100 (roughly $2.25) for 10 pairs of false lashes is a very good deal, so I wasn't able to resist them. LOL!

This is a pic dated a year ago, I think. Look at my almost non existent lashes (that is, if you can see them,

And these are the pictures that I took today. No eye make, just the falsies. (Please excuse the crappy quality, my camera is not in the best mood today)

Nice, right? It did a good job in making my eyes look bigger and awake, despite the fact that I have small eyes, being Asian and all. And I seriously need to practice applying them flawlessly, because the glue almost got into my eyes. Haha!

I'm looking forward to try those lashes from KKCENTERHK. I just hope that I'd get an email from them so that I can try their lashes for free (wishful thinking, haha). I'm very interested with the A133 style.

Photo credits go to KKCENTERHK

What do you think about falsies? Is it a go, or would you settle for good ol' mascara? Share your thoughts here!


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8 fab comments:

Sumi Go said...

Your eyes look gorgeous! :) Anyway, I like wearing falsies for special occasions, but I'd skip it for just a trip to the mall. I just find it a little time consuming to use since I have to do some trimming whenever I use falsies (my eyes are too small for the conventional falsies).

September said...

Thank you sis. :) Yeah, it's quite time consuming to wear falsies on ordinary days, but to those who can do it, I admire them a lot! :)

Britney said...

Love love the lashes and love the blog. great work u go please i hope u can follow me back im ur new follower

Rosamond Kim said...

Those look so lovely on you~ I love false eyelashes. I like to wear the ones that have invisible bands sometimes when I don't want to wear mascara. I know you're supposed to wear mascara but if you get the human hair eyelashes it blends in very well. Sorry for the ramblings, Awesome blog post! glad the lashes worked out.

Take care,

Galaxia said...

they are tricky to apply, i need to work on it too! but yours look so fluttery and flirty ^_^

September said...

Rosa, thanks! Yeah, maybe I should get those human hair type thingie.

Galaxia, yeah they are flirty! :D

September said...

Britt, I just followed your blog. :) Thanks for dropping by!

Sharon said...

Gorgeous falsies... i love all of them