ELF Pool Update

Howdy! I just wanna shed some light on some gray areas and make some revisions on the pool instructions as well. I want each and every participant of this pool to be happy about their purchases by maximing every discount possible. But lemme stress out a very important guideline before I even state the changes that will be made.

Only 1 discount coupon maybe used per cart. Therefore, if I receive orders from all 3 lines, then I have to create 3 separate carts and pay for 3 amounts for shipping. This only means that if you're purchasing different items from all 3 lines of ELF, then the ELF shipping fee that will be paid will be computed based on the number of participants for each line.

Please see the example listed below. Just a reminder, these numbers, specifically the number of participants listed,are fictional at this point and are placed in this illustration for discussion purposes only. The final numbers are to be determined once I have the final lists.

Studio line - 10 participants
Mineral Lipstick - 3 participants
Regular and MMU line - 5 participants

Standard shipping amount is @ $6.95 for USPS deliveries.


Studio line - $6.95/10 participants = $0.70, or P35/pax
Mineral lipstick - $6.95/3 participants = $2.32, or P116/pax
Regular and MMU line - $6.95/5 participants = $1.39, or P69.50/pax

Please check the scenarios listed below:

  • Girl A purchased items from the studio,mineral lipstick and regular line. Therefore, she pays the ELF shipping fee in the amount of $4.41, or P220.50 (all 3 amounts were added up).
  • Girl B purchased items from the studio line only. Therefore, she only pays $0.70, or P35.00. for shipping.
  • Girl C purchased items from the studio line and the mineral lipstick lines. Therefore, she pays $3.02, or P151.00 ($0.70 + $2.32) for shipping.

Revisions on deadlines and payment details:

STUDIO ITEMS @ 75% OFF! - this offer is only good until August 19, 2009. To be able to use this coupon, I will be requiring everyone to submit their studio line orders until 11PM of August 17, 2009 ONLY. After the said cutoff, no pahabols or revisions of orders will be made, for the reason that I have to finalize and send out the invoices of the participants of the said pool on the following day. Payment options will be laid out, since this order will be placed way before the original August 31st cutoff. Shipping will be divided among participants.

MINERAL LIPSTICKS @ 75% OFF! - this offer is good until September 1, 2009. This will follow the original deadline, which is August 25 for the orders, and August 31 for the payment.

REGULAR AND MINERAL LINE @ 25% 0FF! - this coupon does not expire, but I'll be making this purchase along with the mineral lipsticks, only in a separate cart, so that we can still get the 25% discount. This will follow the original deadline, which is August 25 for the orders, and August 31 for the payment.

Also, I would like to apologize for not being able to answer PMs and text messages instantly. I work on a graveyard shift, so I sleep during the day.
If some of the guidelines are still blurry at this point, please get in touch with me at 0917.519.0904, and I'll be happy to discuss things with you.

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