How to manage stress and more Cyleina Soaps

Stress drains energy at a critical level, but to keep it up you must keep focused on things you like the most. For me, my work may be very demanding, but it keeps me busy and it takes my mind off things that makes me feel depressed or sad. Another hobby is online shopping. IMO, finding great bargains over the Internet is like opening a treasure chest. You may not know what's in store for you, but the feeling of excitement is so overwhelming that every bargain is like gold discovered in an open field. :) So to keep me busy, I shopped around for more Cyleina soaps. Here is my most recent haul.

Grapeseed Extract soap, Tomato Soap, Shea butter soap, Batangas Coffee Soap, and Black Pearl Soap.

I'll be giving updates on my sister's condition once we get the results of her biopsy. To those who have helped us in praying for her speedy recovery, THANK YOU. =)

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1 fab comments:

Mike said...

Hey, your way of managing stress is interesting.

Yeah it is true that internet has its own benefits and pit falls. So we need to be careful about such situation that would lead us into stress. Here I suggest a source to which will help in stopping stress habits and developing refreshing new habits.