Coastal Scents comes up with an 88 piece Warm Palette

I clicked on "Coastal Scents" under my bookmarks and this is what came into view..
Note: Photos are from

OMG! What a beauty! I must, I must have this baby! (But it's not yet available locally,waaaah)

If you're interested to purchase this lovely piece of art, just click HERE.

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5 fab comments:

- - aika - - said...

waaaaa i like :D

Crystal said...

oh my, i'm drooling! i want that!

cpsanti said...

ooo! i want i want ;-) i've been looking for cool eyeshadow shades. thanks for the tip.

Pammy said...

me likey! ;D

September said...

Great news! I texted Kat of Ebay, and she told me that she'll have this available by next week! ^_^