Sorry, I havent been able to post entries for the past couple of weeks... I've had breakouts, and I really don't understand on how I got them *sigh*.

BTW, Happy Mother's day to all lovely mothers out there... you guys rock. ^_^

I went to SM Megamall yesterday to watch StarTrek with some of my friends, and I just donned an all natural look. (Please excuse the gigantic zit on my nose.. It looks yucky, I know.)

I'll be posting a review on Himalaya Herbal Products. I have mixed feelings on their products, simply because I think they're the culprit of my breakouts. Once I get hold of the pics, I'll be putting in writing on what I think about them.

Till next!


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2 fab comments:

Pammy said...

nice fotd sis.

btw, i gave you an award on my blog. please claim it. thanks

September said...

thanks sis. I got it na. :)