My Lumiere Prebuy Brushes have Arrived!

Finally, after more than 2 months of waiting, the brushes that I bought from the Lumiere prebuy period have finally arrived! Yey! I pooled orders with 6 other gals from GT, and I am VERY, VERY happy with the brushes that I got. Since they're made from synthetic bristles, they are really soft and 100% cruelty free. I hope that they launch another prebuy season soon, Im in love with the brushes.
The package was delivered right at my doorstep by Mr. Nice Pasig P.O. Guy, which means, no P35 P.O. fee. Yey!

The original Kabuki brush... super soft and dense at the same time.

Lumiere's Duo Fiber Optic Brush, a MAC 187 dupe... Pretty good in terms of size, weight, and density of the bristles

See how even the bristles are distributed? I'm gonna love this brush for sure.

So there. I hope you gals who participated in the prebuy get your brushes soon. I'm pretty sure that you'll feel the same way about them. And don't forget to wash them prior to usage, ayt? ;-)

Lotsa love,

Seppie =)

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8 fab comments:

Ida said...

the brushes look gorgeous! have fun using them :)

came across your blog thru gt. following :)

Crystal said...

ooh you have yours na! i'll be getting my loot tomorrow. btw, how come it came right to your doorstep? is it because it's priority mail. i'm from pasig too and would like to see how the pasig PO works since I use a different PO to be safe. hehe.

September said...

hi sis Ida, thanks for following my blog, lemme do the same for you =) .. im loving the brushes, cant wait for the next prebuy period.. weeh

hi sis Crystal, im not reallt sure, but the day it got shipped out, I texted Mr PO guy and i told him that a package was coming in. before, I used to go to their office pa to get my stuff, but since January they've been delivering the stuff directly to my house.. I never experienced any problems with Pasig PO naman, and I hope it stays that way. =)

Pammy said...

Hi september! How's the duo fiber brush?

September said...

^ hi :)

I like the duo fiber brush. it may not be as dense as the 187, but it delivers naman in terms of blush and liquid foundie application. :)

shatzlaine said...

nice brushes,. by the way i tagged you sis..

smiley13tree said...

The brushes like sooo soft. Tell us how you use them!

September said...

sis shatzlaine, thanks :)

hi sis smiley13tree, I use the kabuki brush for my mineral powder foundation, and the duo fiber brush is the perfect tool for stippling liquid foundations, to create that light, airbrushed finish ;)