My first real blogging experience..

Finally, after Sis Aika's numerous requests for me to put up my own blog, I decided to create one which will feature my one and only love - - MAKE UP! Anything about make up, from brushes, palettes, MMU and non- MMU, just name it, and I'll have it posted here. But aside from make up, you may see random posts about other vanity thingies that I may come across on top of my daily routine. So just sit back and enjoy the view.

P.S. Im not a photographer nor a graphic artist, so please do excuse the kind of photography that you are about to witness. ;-)

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2 fab comments:

- aika - - said...

finally dear :D


September said...

Yeah, you got me into creating one ^_^

masaya naman mag blog, nakaka addict din like make up ;)