In the beginning,there was nothing but.. a Powder Brush..

If it werent for Mineral Make Up, I wouldnt even care less about cosmetic brushes. Before, the only brush that I had in my purse was my ever reliable P50 powder brush from Avon Cosmetics. But when I became a part of the ever-famous circle of MMU addicts, I realized that my goody old powder brush wouldnt do the job. So with a heavy heart, I threw it out and logged on to Ebay and got myself the following:

e.l.f total face brush

Amiana Minerals Travel Set

This marked the beginning of a new phase for me. And so my addiction grew, to the point that I would scout International sites (Coastal Scents, and Ebay Singapore among others) to get myself all sorts of make up brushes. Yes, it is a very expensive, bank-account-draining hobby, but to someone who's just starting out with make up, every peso spent has been worth it. Thanks to GT for intriducing me to this so-called Make Up Fantasy.

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