NOTD: Wet N Wild Nail Polish in Wet Cement

Whoa,it's been like ages since I last updated this blog. I feel like a newbie again. Hehe! What's up with you guys? As for me,I've been focused on work,work and more work lately. O_o But I havent forgotten this blog,actually. Ive been meaning to update this for the longest time,but... anyway,enough of my lame excuses.. on to the blog post. :-p

I bought this gorgeous nail polish from a Facebook seller, Polished IntheCity, for P200 plus shipping. She sells different brands of NP,from the colorful China Glaze,OPI,Zoya,up to the priciest Chanel. Before I even got this,I have already read mixed reviews about this brand,which fired up my curiosity even more,so I told myself that Id have to get this and test it for myself. So when it became finally available,I bought it and had it shipped. And Im glad that I decided to jump into the bandwagon. :)

The bottle is very elegant and expensive looking. The brush is...well,huge. It covers my nail with the easiest strokes (I had a nail tech apply this on me,and I can tell that she really enjoyed the brush),and it is totally opaque in two coats. The color is a taupey shade,that somewhat leans into the grayish side as well. Im not sure,but I think it comes with a cool undertone to it (feel free to correct me if Im wrong). It's a very office friendly shade, and if I were to pick something that Id be willing to wear on my nails on a daily basis,Id pick this in a heartbeat.

Wear time for me is so-so. The polish chipped on my right index and thumb after two days (I sandwiched this using my fave base and top coats),but the rest of the fingers and those on my left hand had very minimal tip wear on the 5th day (must be me digging thru my stuff that caused the chipping).

Overall,Id give this polish a 4 out of 5. A very preppy color for those who would want to paint their nails,but would not want to go overboard.

Wet N Wild is also available in Watsons located in SM Malls.

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Anonymous said...

Lovely colour :) I posted a notd yesterday, I tried something kind of different if you'd want to take a look!