Nail Story: Things that I bring with me whenever I have my nails done

L-R: Seche Vite, TFS top coat, TFS base coat, SkinFood nail polish in RE101, Korean taupe nail polish.

I have to admit,because of my hectic daily schedule,as much as I would want to do my own nails,I just don't have the time to do it. :-( And yes,I'm also lazy. LOL. But anyway,one thing that I always do whenever I go to a salon is  that I always bring my own set of nail items. I started collecting NPs early this year,so I don't have any choice but to use each one of them. Hehe! But aside from the actual nail color,I also take with me items that play important roles in achieving a perfect mani and pedi experience. And those are:

Base coat - I never,EVER put on nail polish without a base coat. A base coat acts as a protective barrier on your nail bed,and makes your polish last longer by making the polish adhere to it. It also prevents staining so yes,base coats are good investments. I highly recommend The Face Shop's Face It base coat. Very reasonably priced at P180.

Red nail polish for my toes - It's been my signature nail color for my toes. Makes my feet look smoother and fairer. Hehe!

Top coats - now this one's a bit complicated. I'm the type who would use 2 types of top coats in a manicure. Why? The first top coat (TFS) prevents the polish from shrinking after I've applied the second top coat,which is Seche Vite. SV is known to dry polish in no time,but one major flaw that it has is that it makes your nail polish shrink when you apply it on wet polish.

TFS top coat - Lovely Me Ex brand is priced at Php 95, Face It brand at Php 180; Seche Vite retails for Php 420++,and is available thru online resellers here in the Philippines.

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