My skin's best tool: Watsons' Facial Massager

Hello ladies! It's a week before Christmas, and I guess everybody's looking forward to spend time with their loved ones. I wish every one a safe and happy Christmas! ^_^

Recently, I decided to de-clutter my closet, and found out that I have some items that I could use on my already stressed out skin. Sure, I like to go out and get facials and diamond peels, but there are times that I would be too lazy to drag my a** to Dermaline (that's where I usually have my facials and DP sessions) and would rather stay at home. I know, a have a very un-healthy lifestyle, and true enough, it sometimes manifests thru my skin. Thank you to whoever inventedClarisonic (been lusting for it for a few years now), but no thanks to the hefty price tag. I really don't see a need for me to spend over $100 for something that I would only use to wash my face!

And then, I saw this,sitting inside my closet.

It's a facial massager from Watson's. This was a gift given to me by my SIL for my birthday last year.

It comes with the main unit, 4 attachments and an instruction manual. The main unit runs on 2 AA batteries.

What it looks like when taken out of the box.

Massaging Roller. This is used after putting on your moisturizer before you go to sleep. Simply run this all over your face, and feel its relaxing and soothing action.

Cleaning Brush: This is my favorite among all 4 attachments. Say goodbye to manual cleaning. This effectively removes all of my makeup at the end of the day, which only means that I have less chances of developing acne because of makeup. Yey!

It comes with soft bristles that do not irritate the skin at all! On how I use this to wash my face, I simply put a pea size amount of my facial wash onto the brush, switch on the unit, and then I run it all over my face for about 1-2mins. Then I rinse the suds off, leaving no residue behind, only clean, clear skin!

Pumice Stone. Now, this is the attachment that I have NOT used on my face. I use this to soften the callus on my feet after I take a bath.

Sponge Applicator. I used this once to buff out my blush when I put on too much. I find this a bit rough, though, but it did a nice job of buffing the excess color.

The power button is so soft to touch.

The best thing is that, this baby costs less than P500, I think. This may not be as good as the Clarisonic, but it sure does similar things just like a Clarisonic would. So if you don't have a lot of cash to burn, but would like to maintain clear looking skin, then this is definitely worth a try.

One thing that you should remember is that this unit is NON WATERPROOF. So if you would like to use this in the bathroom, make sure that one of your hands is dry. You can wet and rinse your face with just one hand. :)

Available in selected Watsons' outlets nationwide.

I think I need to dig further into my closet. I may find more useful stuff in there. Hahaha!

Stay pretty, ladies! ^_^ I love reading your comments, so keep on posting 'em! ;)


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12 fab comments:

Sumi Go said...

I've wanted a Clarisonic MIA for several months now, but it's just too expensive.. >.< Will see if Watson's still have this. I find it hard kasi to remove all my makeup with just my facial cleanser and water.. XD

Anonymous said...

The brushes look so long id be worried they would scratch!


September said...

Sumi, yeah the Mia is so freakin' expensive. You may wanna check out Skinsonic too. :)

Ceri, for me it's not. But I wouldnt suggest this to those with super sensitive skin.

Kane Montreuil said...

This is cool!
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keep in touch with fashion said...

great product!!
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Mui Stylelicious said...

hmmm my face is very sensitive, wondering if I could use that thing....hhey I give you award, please check it out ;)

cottasofia said...

My face is very sensitive the brushes look so long for all you aspiring producers out there hit up thanks.
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Anonymous said...

it looks like the sigma one!!! hehehe!!!

so cute!

Anonymous said...

is that almost same as clarisonic mia???

carolineouellette said...

Wow....really awesome.. i just go through the post. I like it. Thank you for sharing.

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doll said...

the serum, based on your experience about it looks very promising... :) i would really love to try this high end product not just for me but for my mom, ever since, her skin was dry. no pimples, acne or oiliness, just plain dry snake-like skin most especially on her forehead making her wrinkles more visible and flaky.. this would be a perfect gift for her this summer.

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Airon Jay LeoRuler said...

hello! which branch of watsons did u bought this product?? im kind of having a hard time finding out which is thanksssss