Goodbye AL.... =(

Aromaleigh, or AL for short, has been making women beautiful through its makeup line for the past 12 years. It has been a long and winding journey for the company, and I'm sure the people behind Aromaleigh have enjoyed this and have reaped the fruits of their hard labor.

Unfortunately, every journey needs to come to an end, and the time has come for AL to bid farewell to its loyal customers. Rumors have circulated thru the Net, which forced Kristen, the owner, to finally close AL's doors. We may never know the real reason behind AL closing down, but Im certain that this MMU (mineral makeup) line will be missed by many.

Nuff said. On to the "good" stuff. AL's offering a 35% discount on remaining stocks (code: ADIEU35). This prompted me to purchase full sizes of their famous ultra resolution finishing powder (or URFP, for short),which is one of the best products AL has to offer.
URFP is AL's version of high definition powder, but better because they made 4 different shades of it to match different skin tones. I got 2 of their best selling shades: Translucent and Peaches and Cream.

I got my package in about 2 weeks, which is kinda fast for First Class International mail option.

The package came in a bubble wrap envelope

The cute pink Japanese paper with AL's sticker on it.

URFPs.. woohoo!

Translucent and Peaches and Cream

Aside from URFPs, AL offers great loose eyeshadows as well. But hurry, once stocks are gone, they're gone for good. To go to AL's website,click HERE. Payment method is via Paypal only.

Goodbye Aromaleigh. You will be dearly missed by many. =(

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4 fab comments:

Shopcoholic said...

aww. so sad they're closing down. Im not a fan of MMU pero i know this brand..

Pammy said...

That's so sad. I no longer use mmu and I never got to try any of their products especially the much raved urfp but the chismosa in me googled about it closing down. It was nasty. Just plain nasty. Too bad this business had to close down.

September said...

Khymm: Yeah, so sad talaga :(

Pammy: Indeed. Those good-for-nothing gals should mind their own business instead of poking thru other people's businesses.

Anonymous said...

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