Lumiere Prebuy: Looking for interested "poolers" ... LOL

Hi! Im looking for 5 or 6 more people who would want to pool orders with me at Lumiere's Prebuy. Just in case that you're not yet aware of it, Lumiere is coming up with these fabulous brushes at super affordable prices. The only flaw with this very tempting offer is the hefty shipping price tag, which is at $25.00 (around Php 1,250.00), which is the reason why I'm looking for interested "poolers". Shipping will be divided among the poolers, based on the number of brushes that was ordered (just to be fair to those who will get 1 or 2 brushes only).

If you haven't seen the brushes yet, or you just can't decide on which brush to get, you may check out Aileen's review or you may visit Lumiere's Prebuy Section.

Deadline is set for December 1st, and if you're interested to join this pool, kindly shoot me an email with your orders at

Happy weekend ladies! ^_^

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