Make Up Tools while on a budget

Spend or Save? This is the question that will never get a straight answer, simply because we all have different ways on how we spend our money. And honestly, the answers solely depends on what item you're planning to get. For me, it is okay to splurge, as long as the item is worth every buck that you're gonna throw for it. And when I say the words worth it, it means a lot of things, like the purpose, convenience, versatility, etc. But a less complicated way of defining it is, if it meets your expectations, then it's definitely worth it.

However, with the way things are going with our economy, not everyone will have the money to throw on something extravagant. There will be times that we would have to be wise with our purchases. It's not that we want to turn into cheapskates, but it's more of being practical and getting value for our money. Confused? Lemme show you what I mean.

MAKE UP BRUSHES. ELF (eyeslipsface) has been a hot topic on GT because of their really cheap products, especially their brushes. They came up with 2 versions of their brushes: The regular line, and the studio line. Their regular line costs $1 a piece, while Studio line retails for $3 each. I had the regular line face brushes before, the Total Face Brush and the Bronzing Brush, and I can tell you right now that they're not worth your $1 due to its hard, scratchy hair and wiggly handles. On the other hand, the $3 studio line brushes are to die for. They're soft, durable, and they deliver good results too. So, on this example, would you rather SAVE or SPEND? What do you think?

The eye brushes, however, comes with a totally opposite story. The $1 eye brushes (e/s brush,blending brush, and defining eye brush) are the "saviors" of ELF's regular line. They're soft, they do the job, and to top it all, they're cheap. While ELF's studio line e/s C brush is okay for an eyeshadow brush, still it doesnt give me that WOW impression, unlike the regular $1 eyeshadow brush. The blending eye brush is dense enough to blend e/s colors very well. The defining eye brush is good for putting on colors on the outer V, while blending it up the crease. So, with that being said, would you SPEND or SAVE?

I have attached pictures of the brushes that I have mentioned. By the way, my apologies for posting pics of dirty brushes. ^_^

So there. I hope I was able to clearly state my point here. If you have any questions or violent reactions, feel free to post on the comments box.
Ta-ta! ^_^

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