On Cleaning my Make up Brushes

Yey! Finally it's Friday, which means I could go ahead and give my babies their long-awaited weekly bath. But then, I suddenly realized that I ran out of Babyflo Gold baby shampoo so I went to Shopwise Antipolo to replenish my stock. But alas! They dont have Babyflo on stock now, so what I got was this:
Johnson's Baby Shampoo with Honey
Oh well, I told myself that it won't hurt to try out something new so that I'd always have other options. So there, I washed them and there are 2 things tha I have noticed with Johnson's Baby shampoo:
1. It smells a lot better than Babyflo
2. It produces more suds with less product dispensed.

The brushes are drying out now. Hopefully, I'd get results as good as with Babyflo Gold baby shampoo. I took pictures of them (yes, I washed 15 brushes today, how cool is that?! :D) so that you'll have an idea of what could happen.

The face brushes are tied on an old hanger using old bra straps and

Eye brushes (Amiana, Sembem, CS, e.l.f., and from the Charm Travel Pro set)
are laid down on a towel sitting on a plate.

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4 fab comments:

Vanity's Child said...

hi sis! now i realized that by hanging them, drying would be easier.

And they're so cute hanging that way ha!

September said...

hehehe,thanks sis.. Sis Aika gave me the idea of hanging them so that they dry out faster, lalo na the pink kabuki..

*Nehs* said...

ohhh.. i wanna have that Charm Travel Pro set too.

September said...

^ sis, get one na :D